PAFPA - Mission Statement

PAFPA'S mission involves everything to do with wildfires in our area: education of landowners, encouraging cooperation, sharing ideas, spreading information, exploiting resources, regulating and policing beneficial conduct.

Wildfires more often than not have adverse consequences. 

WHEREAS the area covered by this Association has topography, vegetation, climatic and weather conditions that are, in many ways, common to the area, and because of the high danger of runaway veld fires in, particularly, the grasslands and forests in the area;

AND WHEREAS the Veld and Forest Fire Act (“the Act”) makes provision for the formation of Fire Protection Associations to help prevent and combat veld, forest and mountain fires,


1. To encourage landowners in the area to meet together for the purpose of implementing the provisions of the Act, having regard to the specific dangers and conditions facing such landowners;

2. To formulate, by agreement and within the framework and regulations stipulated in the Act, rules (“the Rules”) binding on landowners in the area, aimed at reducing the incidence and adverse effect of wildfires in the area;

3. To encourage and educate landowners and other occupiers of land in the area to comply with the Act and the Rules, and thereby help to reduce the incidence and adverse effects of wildfires;

4. To encourage and implement systems for the dissemination of information regarding specific dangers within the area covered by this association, inter alia, but not limited to, dangers associated with weather conditions;

     Nederhorst ward fire tower, a resource benefitting many.

  5. To encourage and assist landowners in ensuring that they have, or have access to, equipment and other resources to enable them to comply with the provisions of the Act;      

The FPA is a platform for informing landowners of equipment selection and availability.

6.   To create a forum or forums for landowners to present and discuss particular problems or dangers they experience or face with regard to wildfires;

7. To create channels of communication between landowners and other occupiers within this Association, Umbrella Fire Associations, Local Municipalities, Community Associations, Educators and other stakeholders whose interests are affected by wildfires;

8. To engender cooperation and communication between landowners and occupiers themselves with the aim of assisting one another in the event of imminent or present danger of wildfires and their effects;

   Neighbours assisting each other with a backburn.

9. Generally to foster goodwill between landowners and occupiers with respect to facing the challenges and dangers associated with wildfires;

10.  To create mechanisms to police and enforce the
      provisions of the Act and the Rules of this Association.

"One tree can make millions of matches - one match can ruin millions of trees"

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