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Membership of Pafpa has two components, Membership of the Association itself, and Membership of one or more of its Wards.

The Veld and Forest Fire Act provides that landowners who take on the responsibilities of membership of an FPA enjoy certain advantages. Some of these are listed below.

Because the Pafpa area is so vast it is broken into WARDS which have their own unique challenges and solutions. Fire permits are issued by the Wards when recipients have satisfied the issuers that burning will be conducted in a safe and responsible manner. 

 Why become a member of an FPA?

Insurers of rural premises insist on membership as a prerequisite for cover.

Legal action

In the case of civil proceedings arising from damage caused by wildfires, a defendant who is not a member of an FPA is presumed negligent in relation to the wildfire until the contrary is proved. Members of an FPA enjoy the normal legal presumptions, putting the burden of proof on the plaintiff.

Fire permits

In order to burn the mandatory firebreaks, a landowner requires a fire permit, and these are issued b
y the local ward of the FPA. Membership facilitates the obtaining of information regarding these permits and the conditions attached to their issue.

FPAs enable the communication of information and the exchanging of ideas between landowners faced with common wildfire-related challenges. In this way, for example, best practice for avoiding wildfires and available resources and equipment for fighting them can be discussed by members.

Weather data
FPAs are required to disseminate to their members information regarding the weather that has a bearing on the dangers of wildfires. Some PAFPA wards receive twice-daily FDI (Fire Danger Index) reports by cellphone and radio.

Firefighting help
Members of a Pafpa Ward have preferential access to State funded firefighting and prevention resources, such as firefighting teams in the Working on Fire programs. Some wards have their own firefighting equipment and other resources.

If you are interested in becoming a PAFPA member you could contact your ward representative and fill out an application form. If you don't know what ward you are in, have a look at our ward map for information, or else contact our Handcrew Base in Dullstroom at 013 254 0314 and we will find out where you belong.

Alternatively you could click the link below to download an editable application form which could then be mailed to the address indicated therein. Once your application has been accepted and your membersip fee has been paid, you will become entitled to a certificate of membership for the current year. 

Membership of a ward is separate from membership of Pafpa itself. Wards are the dynamic and more localised divisions of Pafpa where members' interests and requirements are considered and decided upon. Wards, with their close knowledge of local conditions and requirements, are responsible for the issuing of Fire Permits


Click on this button to take the first easy step towards applying for membership  of PAFPA.
When you click on the button, an editable application form will download and you can complete it, and mail it to the address given, or hand a hard copy to your ward representative or to the Dullstroom Fire Base.

This page was last edited on 24 March 2022

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